Border Ranges National Park – Photo Tour

So the Labour day long weekend was coming up and I thought to myself, what to do? I have been camping a few times this year and loved it. I have done the beach but now its getting colder I really wanted to try and camp in the mountains with a nice warm fire and some stunning rainforest scenery surrounding me.

So off I went, I loaded the car and took my girlfriend Gina down to see my nearby home town of Kyogle on the Saturday night and then we head off to the Border Ranges National Park on the Sunday afternoon.

We arrived at Sheepstation Creek camp area and after finding a spot in the packed out camp area we set up the tent and got everything ready. After we were all set, I knew it was time to pull out the camera.

It was getting close to sunset and I had a spot picked out that I wanted to shoot from. I also had in the back of my mind that the supermoon was going to be rising in the east somewhere but I wasn’t entirely sure when, all I knew was I had a sunset and a great view ahead of me.

So we left the campsite and drove up the winding mountain, the destination was The Pinnacle lookout, it has stunning views looking over Mt. Warning and the whole caldera as it juts out hanging over the valley below. On the way there I came across the Tweed Valley lookout and couldn’t resist taking this photo quickly as the colours lit up the sky.


This was a quick hand held Pano, I wasn’t quite at the Pinnacle and had about 4km to go and light was fading fast. What I didn’t realise at the time that the supermoon was just starting to rise over the mountains, you can just see it in the middle of the photo, a little pink blob.

So after taking this one I jumped straight back into the car and raced for the Pinnacle down the windy dirt road. We parked and raced up the 200m bush track and once we stepped onto the viewing platform we were amazed by the view infront of us.


There was the supermoon, it was hovering just above the mountains, right next to Mt. Warning. you could see the reflection it made on the ocean, way in the distance, what a sight. I took many photos of it including some hige panoramas but in the end I decided on this closer shot to show the detail and the size of it.

After that we walked back to the car in the dark, headed back to the campsite and had a fun night by the fire with my friends Sarah and Mark who met up with us later on. Relaxing before the next day of exploring the trails and lookouts of the national park.

So the next morning after a good breakfast and packing up the campsite, we headed off on a walk to the Brushbox Falls Circuit at Sheepstation Creek. Its a fairly easy track that takes you through some stunning rainforest area with creeks and little waterfalls. These made a great location for some Panoramic shots.



After this we jumped in the cars and went to Brindle Creek for a look. We walked the Red Cedar loop and saw the over 100 year old, 48m tall and 1.3m diameter monster tree. It was an amazing site and we all had the urge to hug it just to feel its ancient size.

We then continued along the track to a picnic spot for a snack and then onto the Pinnacle again to show Sarah and Mark the view and to check it out during the day. Our last stop was the Blackbutt lookout which also had panoranic views of Mt. Warning and the Tweed Valley and then It was time to start heading home. After a nice coffee and scone stop at the little village of Uki we were back on the highway back to Brisbane and back to reality.

It was only a short 24 hour stay in the National Park but it was great fun, very relaxing and a beautiful rainforest to explore. It gave me some very nice subject matter for photos and even some inspiration to try out some new things like these Vertoramas.

After getting a taste of the mountain air and rainforest beauty I can’t wait to plan more trips into our local National Parks, there are so many around the place yet they are easy to take for granted. From a photography stand point there are many many epic photos to be taken and i’m looking forward to crossing some of them off my list.

If you liked these photos, you can check them out on my WEBSITE. They will all be available for sale as framed prints and canvas prints shortly and would make a great addition to any blank wall.

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